New programm online

Garten fuer FacebookYou would not believe that we have already version 27 of the programm for the 8th European Magic History Conference online !!!!
Magic Christian and his team is working very hard to present a very intresting and unique event for the participants of this conference.
He is still aranging very special side events and suprises. We are looking forward to see you in the magical town vienna!  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Here is the latest programm 😉

Programm very last version

Programm Conference Update

cropped-shapeimage_311.pngPlease find here the new program:

Here are some of our great lectures and  special programs.
Link to the detailed programm

Here are some of the Highlights

Bernhard Schmitz – Magical Bookplates
Ian Keable – Four Magicians and Charles Dickens
Wittus Witt – Walter Wenger – Editor, Magician, Graphic Designer
Anne Goulden – Lewis Davenport’s travels in Europe
Max Edelbacher – Swindlers and Cheaters in Vienna
Alex Romanoff – Magic as an art
Reinhard MĂźller – A mystery Court Call in Augsburg dated 1623
Jan Isenbart – Magician at War
Marco Pusterla – Music-Hally-Yours: Bert Powell
Flip Hallema – ‘Off with his head’: the Decapitation Illusion
Magic Christian – Balzar-the unknown famous magician
Dr. Augustat – Weltmuseum Vienna
Ionia – Ron Bertolla – Ionia – a very unique presentation
François Bost – Robert Houdin Mission in Algier
Christian Theiß – The new bibliography on German Magic Books
Dr. Peter Rawert – Conjuring Books and Provenance Research

World largest Magic Box Museum Vienna
– Manfred Klaghofer
Metall Workshop of the Seidl family – Willy Seidl – producer of Zauberklingl
(just 6 persons maximal)
Graveyard of Vienna – visit special graves of Hofzinser, Herrmann and Fischer
Prater of Vienna – famous fairground with museum
Special Exibition in the City Hall

Welcome Dinner at the famous Marchfeldhof – you have to see it to believe it…
12 Apostelkeller – famous restaurant 3 floors below the City (at your expenses)
Reception City Hall of Vienna – the famous hall were official receptions take place

and there is more…..
stay tuned!

Special  reception at the city hall of vienna




EMHC 2019: program published!


Here is the last draft and detailed informations of our conference,

17th high class lectures, very special excursion, fleemarket, dining experience, welcomereception City Hall  Vienna, magic and much more.
We will publish some details next the next days. Stay tuned!

Please find the last draft of our conference here:

If you are not yet registred, hurry up!

Master Magician and Historian Ricky Jay died

One of the greatest  Magicians has died. As he was an author, collector and historian many of you have known him.

When not performing, Ricky Jay collects rare books and artifacts. He is the author of several books. His  clients are often within the stage, television, and film industries. He has worked with libraries and museums on their collections, including the Mulholland Library of Conjuring and the Allied Arts and the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, California.

I very good article written 2013  by Mark Singer appeared in the magazine:
“The New Yorker” (Thank you Veronique Faber for the tipp)