Daily Updates of the Conference

Tomorrow we start the 8th European Magic History Conference in Vienna.
We try to inform you daily about the events and publish some pictures.

The conference takes place in the oldest hotel in vienna: Hotel Stefanie

Programm 22. august 2019:
At 2 pm three  excursions start:
* The graves of famous magicans on the legendary graveyard of Vienna (Zentralfriedhof)

* The workshop of Willi Seidl whos family produced metall products since generation for magicians. (already fully booked)

* The world largest museum of magic boxes 

In the evening we have dinner in the 12 Apostelkeller a very special restaurant which was built 1100 and where we eat 18 m below street level

Twelve Apostles cellar (Zwölf Apostelkeller)

Stay tuned for more informtion!!