Programm Conference Update

cropped-shapeimage_311.pngPlease find the new programm here:
Status quo programm

Here are some of our great lectures and speeches:

Bernhard Schmitz – Magical Bookplates
Ian Keable – Four Magicians and Charles Dickens
Wittus Witt – Walter Wenger – Editor, Magician, Graphic Designer
Anne Goulden – Lewis Davenport’s travels in Europe
Max Edelbacher – Swindlers and Cheaters in Vienna
Reinhard Müller – A mystery Court Call in Augsburg dated 1623
Jan Isenbart – Magician at War
Marco Pusterla – Music-Hally-Yours: Bert Powell
Flip Hallema – ‘Off with his head’: the Decapitation Illusion
Magic Christian – Balzar-the unknown famous magician
Dr. Augustat – Weltmuseum Vienna
Ionia – Ron Bertolla – Ionia – a very unique presentation
François Bost – Robert Houdin Mission in Algier
Christian Theiß – The new bibliography on German Magic Books
Dr. Peter Rawert – Conjuring Books and Provenance Research

and there is more…..
stay tuned!

Special  reception at the city hall of vienna